We talk Australian industry with Makatron (part one)

Allow me a moment to introduce myself... Mike Makatron

What is your artistic discipline?

Majority of my time is spent painting walls,  but I also spend time on canvases, illustration, installations and some sculptural projects.

Ø  What was your first job?
I was a newspaper delivery boy when I was about 10, I ended up basically doing this job as a bike messenger  from 17 years old for about 10 years in 10 cities,  while studying and traveling and doing various other jobs.

Ø  What gets you fired up?
New experiences, music that brings on emotions, art that I would find hard to do, sex with someone special, travel to interesting places and great food.


Ø  What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned?
early communication is key to avoiding problems.

Ø  When have you been most satisfied in your career?
I dont think that has happened yet, but I guess at some point the main goal at the time was achieved many years of being sustainable, but the best part of my art career is that there is always the next challenge and I'm always learning.

Ø  What are your thoughts on the Australian Industry?
I grew up in Adelaide, and I think most people who are hungry or wish to strive to be top in their field have to leave Adelaide to grow, which I think relates to Australia as a whole, but we are also very lucky to live in this developed beautiful country.