Getting to know Mike Watt (part one)

Allow me a moment to introduce you to ... Mike Watt

Ø What is your artistic discipline?

Drawer of weird characters.

Ø Who, or what, was your biggest teacher?
I learn the most when I sit down by myself and work things out. I’ve definitely had people point me in directions but I’m much better at figuring things out by myself. Even though it might take a year or two.

Ø  What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?
To not compare myself to other people. I think it’s a natural thing to look at people a similar age, making sort of similar work and measuring yourself to them. This is the most unproductive waste of time I can think of. I feel like I don’t do that at all anymore, I’m just doing my own thing and really liking it.


Ø  When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?
I used to get asked weekly where I get my stickers printed. Then I guess it’s feedback on something they’re working on.

Ø  Where is your happy place?
When I push myself and make something I’m really happy with, it sounds cheesy but that sense of accomplishment it’s a pretty nice feeling.

Ø What kind of art do you enjoy most?
I like crude art, sort of gross graphic cartoony, fun stuff. I don’t like serious art much. I can appreciate the skill that goes into it but it’s not my thing.