Introducing: Ben Brown. Q&A part one

Allow me a moment to introduce myself, the name is.... Ben Brown

Ø  What is your artistic discipline?
drawing / illustration and design are my main interest. However I like to paint, do print making and create visual images any way I can.

Ø  What was your first job?
Working in a screen printing factory in the art dept. - pre digital - I had access to a bromide camera and a fully functioning art department which was a big deal back in the day - it was easy to sneakily work on my own projects while no one was around .

Ø  What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?
I never really did learn in the first place - I have no formal training and I’m largely self taught. I just pretended I could do stuff and learned as I went along. But if I have had to unlearn anything - I would say it is not caring about what an audience might think of a piece you are working on and dive head long into it with no preconceptions and try to be original and not follow trends.


Ø  Where is your happy place?
Surfing and the beach - seeing loud live music in small no nonsense venues - my family, and working long uninterrupted hours in my studio on something that has no brief / direction or deadline.

Ø  What are you addicted to?
all of the above from the last question - with a smattering of drugs, alcohol, coffee and television… the usual stuff.

Ø  What’s one responsibility you really wish you didn’t have?
I’m ok with all my responsibilities - I need some kind of discipline or I might run off the rails and lose direction.