Wanna get to know Alexandra Lederman on a slightly deeper level? (part two)

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What things do you think should be done the old-fashioned way?

·      Communication. (I’d love to experience even just one week where we communicated only through face to face and the occasional hand-written letter)

·      Breakfast. I’m one for the simple breakfast options. I’ll choose eggs on toast or basic porridge over ‘60 degree eggs with a quinoa hash brown and raw mushrooms on a bed of biodynamic lettuce.’ (Actually, I think I may have just invented the quinoa hash brown…look out)

·      Nights out. House parties with twister, and live concerts without people recording on their phones.

·      The newspaper boy. I miss the days of waking up to the newspaper boy blowing his whistle as he walks/cycles down your street selling the weekend paper.

·      I could go on with this list forever…

What risks are worth taking?
·      Experimenting with new art materials

·      Ordering extra prosciutto on a pizza

·      New relationships

·      3 bath-bombs in a bath,

·      Speaking your mind.


What sacrifices have you had to make in order to get where you are?
·      Leaving family to move cities

·      Volunteering or creating artworks for free

·      Changing houses

·      Enrolling in (and paying for) further study

When have you been most satisfied in your career? 
I felt extremely satisfied when I applied for and was booked in for my first solo exhibition in Sydney. Creating, curating and organising my first exhibition was the most enjoyable and satisfying thing! Also my first job as an art therapist, where I realised that I could continue my creative endeavors, while at the same time helping others to find their own creative expression and support them through hard times.

What gives your art meaning?
I feel that my art is the most meaningful when I know that I have created it with honest intention. When I create and get into a state of ‘flow’, the images arise as a natural expression, which allows me to see the end product as an extension of my true self and current state.