Hayden Dewar. (part two)

Ø  Where do the majority of your paid jobs come?

It was storyboard art but at the moment it's mural commissions and I also teach in the design department at Holmesglen Tafe

Ø  If you loved everything about your job, and were being paid well for it, what kind of offer would make you consider changing careers?

It's really hard to see a creative career change because I'm really trying to develop a personal aesthetic and artistic vision that I would love to have the opportunity to apply to a range of platforms: Murals, books, film/animation, concept art for film. But in terms of changing from being a visual creative to another creative field I think if someone gave me complete creative freedom and a bunch of money to either write a book or write and direct a film I would take it, but not if it meant I could never go back to drawing. I can't really think of a non creative career change that I would be happy in, I love cooking but doing that for a living seems too stressful. I love making salsa, so maybe if someone offered me a lot of money to develop my own range of salsas I'd do it!

Ø  When have you been most satisfied in your career?

I can't pin-point a particular job or moment but over the past two years I've gotten mural commissions with creative freedom. These have lead to other commissions where clients ask for the kind of imagery that I love to create. I heard someone say on the Bench Talk podcast that it's really important to always create the kind of work you want to be hired for, and while I've only really done this consistently in the past few years, it's really paid off and resulted in a lot of creative satisfaction.



Ø  What are your thoughts on the Australian Industry?

I haven't worked overseas and don't have a good comparison to make between Australia and elsewhere. But I think in terms of opportunities on offer it's smaller than other major economies (America, U.K., Europe), then again I don't know the numbers on how this evens out per capita. Still I think it's small enough here for talented motivated people to make a real mark and big enough for a large amount of the population to pursue a creative career path. There is a lot of government funding for murals at the moment and also a lot of public acceptance of the art-form that results in private commissions. This probably has an expiry date but it's great at the moment. In terms of the decline of illustration and graphics in print media it seems like there still isn't a clear equivalent way of how to monetise that in the digital world. As a parent I see first hand every night how many quality Australian illustrated picture books there are out there so it's good to see that there is a visual genre of the print medium that is still healthy (even if there isn't much money in it!). In terms of other areas, as a teacher I know that in Australia there are roughly 50% more design graduates than what the industry can absorb. I think the design industry is very healthy and has a lot of jobs but the amount of design courses offered by institutions trying get as many tuition dollars as possible is a bit questionable.

Ø  What are you addicted to?

I quit cigarettes almost ten years ago and I don't even drink much these days. I think I've replaced those two things with Podcasts and Coffee! Love a good podcast (The best show, How did this get made, Hollywood Handbook, Crimetown, Invisibilia, WTF and Bench Talk are recent bingeworthy faves). But lately I think my stomach is telling me it's time to switch from Coffee to Tea!