Reintroduction to David Kurzydlo ...part one

Allow me a moment to introduce myself.
My name is.... David Kurzydlo
Ø  What is your artistic discipline? Painting and drawing. I trained in natural history illustration and oil painting

Ø  What was your first job?
Picking blueberries in Corrindi

Ø  What gets you fired up?
Watching the place where I live become overrun by rules and regulations. I lived in an artist’s co operative for a period of time and on the fridge door was a sticker which read ‘Australian rules, there’s a new one every day. This is kind of how I feel. There are  so many aspects of the modern world which get me fired up but I’ll stop my rant here. I’m trying to be a more positive person lol

Ø  If you loved everything about your job, and were being paid well for it, what kind of offer would make you consider changing careers?
Perhaps if the location of the new job was more interesting than where I was presently working

Ø  What risks are worth taking?
Risks for love. Risks for happiness. Risks for innovation. Risks for life. All worth taking

Ø  Where is your happy place?
Working in the studio with no phone and no distractions and no time limits on how long I can stay there.