More Q&A with W.A artist Chloe Wilder ....part two

Ø  Where do the majority of your paid jobs come?

Mostly from word of mouth or from social media, being that i live in a rural town word of mouth is more common. I'm fortunate to have lots of lovely friends and clients that are willing to spread the love even more thickly than I spread peanut butter, which is despicably thick.

Ø  Who is your role model, and why?

As high profile role models go probably Baddie Winkle have to look her up to understand just how few fucks she gives. Unapologetically herself. Badass. But in that same breath, anyone who has found in themselves the freedom to be comfortable and happy in being themselves through and through confidently, all of those people are my role models. Its not an easy thing to do. We are all pigeon-holed in one way or another and its so inspiring to see people letting all that shit go. I strive to be like those people.


Ø  What are some of your technical/artistic/personal “rules” that you never break?

I always like to know how to do something technically before I break it otherwise what is the point, for example I like to be able to paint a face realistically before I do some strange abstraction to it so that the product is a forceful departure from the normal rather than simply a happy accident, it forces me to think critically about what I am really trying to say. I also have this thing about never using black, I feel like there are more creative ways to show the shadowy side of life, it also is a little mantra just for myself about not taking things to a dark place, I have spent too much time there already, there is nothing you can’t say with colour…. Except maybe “this is what the colour black looks like”

Ø  What is next? Where are you heading with your work?

I am at a bit of a cross roads as I recently finished a series I’ve been working on for a number of years on female strength and sharing. I want to do another soon with a deeper message but I’m not sure where I will begin, it’s still percolating. For now I am enjoying not having a specific area to explore and I’m just practicing, doing smaller form and tone and depth studies and having fun being a little looser.

Ø  What are you addicted to?

Peeling dry paint off my palette and touching the smooth underside. I don’t know why I just admitted to that.