Q&A with Chloe Wilder ... part one

Allow me a moment to introduce myself...
My name is:
Chloe Wilder
What is your artistic discipline? Oil painting and avoiding getting up in the morning, I’m very artful in that respect

Ø  What gets you fired up?
I get fired up in an angry way every time I read an article that entails feminine repression of any kind of which my male partner lovingly bears the brunt of my inequality rage despite the fact that he himself is a raging feminist. And I get fired up in an arty way every time I go to Melbourne and see all the works of beautiful friends and colleagues and how they have developed and progressed and particularly fired up after storing lots of energy from the cheap dumplings I eat exclusively whilst there like a bear preparing for a cold hard winter. 

Ø  When have you been most satisfied in your career?
Right now. As soon as I stopped trying to do things that I thought people would like, my own style came through and it’s never been as true as it is now, I get to see myself improving with every new work and it's thrilling to be able to surprise myself and be expressive without concern. 

Ø  What is the most significant project or accomplishment that you’ve achieved in your career?
Simply getting to this point. It’s such a hard thing to be motivated to create every day that each day feels like an achievement. Ooo and working recently with the lovely Jack Francheschini @jackfran not only did he invite me to be part of an exhibition but he taught me a lot about painting on the street and it was a joy to work with such a wonderful artist and human.  



Ø  How do you measure success?
By the amount of happiness I glean not only from work itself but from how well it lends joy to all of the other parts of my life, and my family's, life.

Ø  What kind of art do you enjoy most?
I enjoy works with a strong feminine message but I also like art that can shock or accurately reflect a pointed topic, I often find myself drawn to political art or psychedelic vintage band posters. Which sounds weird, I don’t even think most people would consider that a form of art but they can be so beautiful. In a gallery however most of the time works with beautiful colour fields can make me feel all the feels.